In the case of an airdrop or a hard fork, where “free crypto money” is available, the hype is particularly high in advance. Unfortunately, many investors only find out too late or shortly before the actual event what possibilities there are to profit from it.

After more than 20 Bitcoin Hard Forks took place last year and many investors benefited by simply holding Bitcoin, more Altcoins followed suit this year. This year, for example, we abused EtherZero, LitecoinCash or MoneroV the names of the actual projects to cause a sensation in the public and then slowly but surely lose importance again without generating added value.

For example, NEO owners have benefited from the recent Ontology Airdrop. As we continued to report, the price of the crypto currency ICON rose abruptly by 50 percent following the announcement of an air drop on the Bithumb stock exchange.

There are several ways to find valuable information to make sure you don’t miss any more Airdrops. The first resource that is very important in the crypto world is Twitter. Often the founders of the respective currencies tweet when an important event such as an Airdrop takes place.

The simplest variant is of course to follow some selected crypto currencies. Another possibility is to search “Airdrops” on Twitter. However, this results in a flood of information which must be worked through step by step and which often produces irrelevant results. Two Twitter accounts we follow are Crypto Airdrops and AirdropAlert.

Searching for Airdrops on Google can also lead to your goal in some cases, but the same applies here as for Twitter.

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The following pages provide a good overview: -> Here is a new thread listing the current Aidrops at the beginning of each new month. This can be easily memorized using the search function.
Although these pages provide a good overview, all listed projects should be checked manually and not just blindly followed the instructions.

In view of the ever-increasing number of phishing websites and fraudulent ICOs, this recommendation is more valid than ever.


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