One user has implemented a proof of concept to gain access to a protected WiFi network, using Lightning Network. The instructions and code for this tool were published yesterday.

A development team created Nodogsplash (NDS), a captive portal that offers a restricted Internet connection, which can be unlocked using certain parameters. A Spanish developer known as @poperbu has seen the potential of this application and developed a plugin that allows, for the payment of 100 satoshis (0.000001 BTC) through Lightning Network (LN), the WiFi network to be available.

This developer published a video with the necessary steps to cancel the fee requested by NDS with LN, with the help of a Telegram bot. Similarly, this user indicated on Twitter that the portal will allow users a limited connection, enough to make payment with LN and enjoy the Internet service.

In the NDS documentation you can read how this service provides simple and immediate public access to an Internet connection after the configured parameters have been met. NDS also allows the welcome page to be customized to the user’s liking. Similarly, this project allows you to force the use of a set of pre-established usernames and passwords with limited connection time, if desired. To do this, the user must use a shell script.

Additionally, the user could make use of an authentication system with a dynamic web interface, making use of his own web service written in PHP and executed on his own server. Currently, the project does not support traffic control, but according to its documentation, it is compatible with other independent systems such as Smart Queue Management (SQM).

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Currently the NDS code can be accessed publicly in its GitHub repository and is registered under GNU license. About 25 official contributors are working on this repository.

The plugin developed by this user is a novel application for Lightning Network technology, which closed the month of January with more than 20,000 paid channels to transfer bitcoins quickly and with low commissions, boosting the scalability of this network.


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