How Do Antihistamines Block Allergy Symptoms?

For most allergy sufferers relieving the symptoms of their agitator continues as a reactive treatment process. First, our eyes get itchy and start watering, closely followed by our nose before we start heading to the bathroom medicine cabinet for some much-needed relief.

An increasing number of medical professionals start to insist we have the issues all screwed up and we go about our treatment process the wrong way round, we should instead start taking preventive medicinal treatment well before our symptoms start making their presence felt. They call the newly recommended method an allergy pre-treatment process.

A professor of clinical medicine at the University of Cincinnati and allergist, Doctor Jonathan A. Bernstein says medical professionals always advise sufferers to start medicating prior to the start of each allergy season. He stated patients often arrive at his practice in the middle of the US allergy season, in a mess and suffering heavily already and once symptoms have started, they can easily become just like a runaway train.

He explains, saying allergy sufferers who wait could risk suffering rather more than just experiencing a simple case of mild discomfort, because after allergy symptoms confirmed the seriousness of their intent patients may require stronger medicines to wrestle them back under control and return to any semblance of quality of life normalcy.

In some sufferers, mild allergy symptoms quickly evolve into allergic sinusitis and a host of other, more serious problems, which may require more drastic and intensive treatments. This means the key to surviving the allergy season lies with having an effective defence, such as pre-arming yourself with a good medicine prior to visiting your favourite aunt and her six cats or before the plants start releasing their pollen. This could save people from suffering through the worst of it.

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An allergy symptom is simply a result of the body’s immune system overreacting and going into overdrive when its mistakenly identifies a perfectly harmless substance such as animal dander or pollen as a sinister alien invader like germs or viruses and launches an all-out attack on it. Most of the commonly associated allergy symptoms such as runny noses and watering eyes are simply forms of collateral damage showing up as side-effects of the immune system’s errant war against allergens.

After identifying an allergen in the body, the immune system responds by releasing a chemical called histamine into the bloodstream which then travels throughout the body, in the process latching onto cellular histamine receptors, which causes cellular swelling and we experience as allergic symptoms. Antihistamine drugs, when taken in turn, blocks histamines from affecting cells, thereby alleviating side-effect symptoms.

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