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Staying Safe with Cryptocurrency? How Bitcoin Can Protect Your Health During the Pandemic

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are finally finding solid footing amidst the global COVID-19 crisis and could prove to hold on tight far into the future. ...

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Tips From Experienced Brokers You Should Follow

If you're looking for a new investment this year, one of your choices should be cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency is digital currencies like Bitcoin, ...

The Best Broker for Day Trading Altcoins (ETFinance vs eToro)

Day trading altcoins is beyond doubt a very profitable venture. However, it can be very risky and tends to be a disappointment if done wrongly. According to ...

With this Ethereum tool you can create smart contracts in a browser

The tool reduces the entry barrier for developers, rookies or veterans. It includes several templates to start building a smart contract right away. The ...

Shutting Down Bitcoin: Inside the US Government’s Reported Attempt

While Bitcoin conspiracy theorists have long suspected that the US government has tried to shut the currency down, it’s only now that someone has come forward ...

Tron (TRX) Price Analysis: Trouble in the making

Total market analysis The market is in a state of fear, as depicted by the graph below: The crypto fear and greed index measures five sources of ...

Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP: Time to buy or run for your life?

The Bitcoin price went diving during the last two days. The largest crypto currency in terms of market capitalisation lost almost 1,000 US dollars in value ...

Ethereum and ether classified as halal

For believing Muslims additional regulations apply to financial transactions. These are dictated by the Sharia, the Islamic law. So far there is no general ...

Factors Influencing the Massive Demand For Online Casinos

The birth of the first online casino in 1994 heralded the start of a new era. It marked the beginning of several new online entertainment formats. The most ...

How Do Antihistamines Block Allergy Symptoms?

For most allergy sufferers relieving the symptoms of their agitator continues as a reactive treatment process. First, our eyes get itchy and start watering, ...

How Facebook Demographics May Affect GlobalCoin

Cryptocurrency analytics specialist Diar on the 28th of May published a report predicting the possible failure of Facebook’s payment-focused crypto coin, ...

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