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Welcome to our Crypto page. Our group is a combination of different crypto lovers from all over the world. We are one of the leading independent crypto blogs and a digital media platform covering a wide range of crypto topics, crypto news, and blockchain technology. Our team is dedicated to bring you the best and most informative updates and news from the centralized and decentralized worlds. Our crypto topics and news are based on our digital expertise, passion for delivering accurate cryptocurrency unbiased news, analytics, price charts, regular social media reports, and digital currency news. The content on our blog is based on the belief that a decentralized world is ever-growing, and it will become an important aspect of our daily lives. We are dedicated to educate our readers on the crypto world and raise awareness on the benefits and advantages of the digital world. Our digital content is aimed at inspiring, educating, informing and sharing important information with our followers and readers. Our blog was founded with the aim of bringing the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news to our fans and readers. Decentralpost helps readers to gain better knowledge and information of the new crypto world and the evolving technologies.

Simon Peters

Simon Peters has a passion in blockchain technology, and it’s relation to the economy, society and politics. He is the editor-in-chief at CaptainAltcoin. Simon Peters trained as a banker and did studies in the fields of politics and economics. He has held different positions in digital marketing agencies. Simon Peters has proven to be innovative and dedicated when it comes to the blockchain digital world.

Sarah Wurfel

Sarah Wurfel has always been known for her specialty in the production of videos and video reports. This passion was fuelled by her belief in the potential of cryptocurrencies. Sarah has qualifications in media and communication informatics. Moreover, she also ventured into cryptography and IT security areas.

Julian Lehmann

Julian Lehmann has been investing in cryptocurrency for the past 3 years. He believes in the future digital economy and ways in which innovations can benefit the world. Lehmann is also a miner, and the need for innovation led him into the cryptocurrency world. He enjoys writing and educating readers on news and updates related to the digital world.

Torsten Hartmann

Kirsten Hartmann is devoted to blockchain technology. His main focus is on the relation of blockchain technology to society, politics and business. His passion for blockchain technology began in 2017, and he has been eager to educate readers on the subject ever since then. Torsten is an editor since 2017 and has professional experience in journalism and strategic communication.

Felix Kuster

Kuster has experience in content management, blockchain technology and chart analysis. He is an active participant in the crypto world and educates readers in the crypto community on social media platforms like Telegram and Facebook. Moreover, he has several years of experience as a technological consultant and project manager. Kuster has always been interested in digital technology and the crypto world from a very young age

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