ICO Marketing (2018) (Definitive Guide + Actionable Techniques)


Want to know the best workable Ico marketing techniques of 2018?

Even want more investors for your ICO project?

If yes, Then

This new definitive guide will show you everything and exactly you need to know about ICO marketing.

In fact, I also use these techniques.

The best thing

These all techniques are proved workable in 2018 by researching many case studies.

Why I created it?

I found many marketers using spam or old marketing techniques for promotion for their ICO project because they have a lack of marketing strategies. In this post, You’ll know some techniques help running an ICO marketing Campaign successfully. To take ICO marketing on the next level, we need to think creatively with innovative ideas.

In short words: If you are looking for best ICO marketing strategies and techniques for your own ICO then this guide is specially made for you.

Sound good? Let’s do this…


ICO Marketing with Pro’s Tip

Before going to the ICO marketing techniques, there are some stages we need to complete. Stages are the following:

  • Development Stage
  • Pre ICO
  • ICO Marketing Campaign
  • Post ICO

I’m completing these stages in short words:

In ICO Development stage, you need to develop an ICO website which includes:

Web Development

White Paper: You need to create a white paper which explains all about your ICO project and currency in a simple way. You don’t need to create your white paper self, you can hire some white paper writers online. All you need to simplify your idea and project to the investors about your process.

Your Concept & Plan – Showcase your concept and idea to the community and the investors which is understandable and profitable.

Simplify your concept is the better way to attract investors like a pro. Make your brand genuine and responsive in the market by following the techniques which I’ve discussed below.

I want to give you the advice to make sure your idea is simple or not.

Try to explain your idea to your friends and connections.

Did they understand it?

If yes, then you’re on the right way towards your ICO success.

If no, then you need to ask your friends & connections about what you can do for a better understanding of your concept.


Make your idea easy for everyone to understand.


Blog & News Section: Your website should have a blog or news section for attracting more investors like a professional. There are many advantages to having the blog section on the website. For example-

  • You can easily share posts that are related to your ICO project.
  • You can share some informative stuff only for your investors.
  • You’ll also a need a press releases section in the website.

Pro’s Tip: I’ve found many marketers using some new techniques and trends that users like very much. Like, many marketers have a case study section in the website. For example, you can check this case study blog to know:

Case Studies

Why they have case study section on the website?

It’s very simple!

Most users love reading case studies for complete satisfaction or surety of success in the ICO campaign.

So, it is a new technique that you can use in your own ICO. You will definitely see results.

The most important thing!

You need to create posts that like your audience. You need to think like a user what they are looking in your blog. The article shouldn’t speak about your project every time. It should be quality that people love to read.


The other essential things you’ll need in ICO development are:

  • Roadmap
  • Dashboard
  • Token
  • Contract
  • Wallet


Now the next stage is pre-ICO. You’re now in the tough stage where most people do the mistake.

Read along with me!

In the pre ico stage, there are many things you can learn & do like:


Community & Forums Marketing: For getting the fastest results, you require to do this one. In the forums & community marketing, you can do a lot of activities about the promotion of your project.

The most important thing!

You need to create a genuine profile on the forums like

  • Bitcointalk
  • Bitcoingarden
  • Cryptocurrencytalk
  • Bitcoinforum

Forum Screenshot

I know that this process is time-consuming because for making the genuine profile in the forums you need to take time in the discussions. The best way to do this by joining Reddit.

Let me make it simple for you.

There are some secrets that you mightn’t know about the dark sides of the forums.

You can purchase premium profiles in the forums for saving your valuable time and getting the fastest results.

Classic press releases, interviews and Q&A: This is the most important thing when it comes to the brand awareness of your company. You’ll need to do some press release marketing of your project. I recommend you to do some paid in the press release.

There are two options to do this!

  • The first one is you need to create content and pay the website for release.
  • And the second one is you need to pay the website for content creation and release of content


Influencer Marketing: You can also go ahead with the influencer marketing.  For brand awareness and responsiveness

I make it simple!

You can do featured articles on the big platforms like HuffingtonPost, NYTimes, Forbes, your story, steemit etc. by making connections with the branded names and blogs available on the internet.

Influencer Marketing Screenshot

The most interesting thing about the type of marketing!

I take a lot of time. I’ve already said above you’re in the tough stage of the ICO. But don’t mind, I will give you some tips in the below section.


ICO Listing- The essential and the most important thing that you need to do in the ICO marketing is ICO Listing. This is the most effective and result oriented task that you will do when running an ICO campaign.

ICO Listing help you to get investors like a pro. It is also helpful for the investors to find about your project in an easy way.

ICO Listing

I want to share some ICO Listing websites with you!

In fact, I also use these websites:

  • Longcatchain
  • Cryptorated
  • BestCoins
  • Icoschedule
  • Icotokennews
  • Cryptoicoalert
  • Icostream
  • Icorating
  • Icobench
  • Icobuffer


Social Media: It is also a very better way to market your ICO project. Like you can connect with the popular influencers through social media for better interaction of your ICO project. There are so many other techniques to gain investors through social media.

You can join some groups of cryptocurrency and make some groups of cryptocurrency.

Social Media Screenshot

The things that you shouldn’t do

Don’t post about your company every time. You need to post some stuff that is viral on the internet and make sure that the stuff is not always of your field.

So, social media is the great platform for announcements and for your ICO Marketing if you know how to use social media as a marketing in the better way. There are also some ban issues on social media networks that we’ve discussed below.


YouTube- It is another great way of marketing that helps you achieve results fastly compare than the other marketing practices. Through youtube, you can market you ICO in the much easy way.  

Youtube Screenshot

One of my friends also earns benefits through youtube.


My friend did a smart work like he was making connections with the most popular channels in the niche. After that, he requested them for marketing their ICO. By making a little investment in the youtube, he was got 70% return of their investment.

Trade while you sleep with two of the cryptocurrency bots on the market - Cryptohopper or Tradesanta.

Not bad!

Some people say that this is the luck when you get high amounts of investors in a short time.

But I don’t believe in the luck!

I believe that if you have a strong idea which is easy and understandable to make the crowd stand out then you will always win in the market of ICO.

Guest Blogging: This is one of the best ICO Marketing technique. Through guest blogging, you can generate visitors on your website like a pro.

My personal tip about guest blogging:

You need to find some categorized guest blogging sites for your content. The categories guest blogging sites make more value to the content comparing then the other big high authority sites.

If you think finding may take a time, then you can google guest posting sites list.

People already have done a hard work for you!

You can find amazing blogs for Guest Posting sites list and also in the comments.

Email Marketing: With the help of email marketing, you can gain investors like a pro. All you need to prepare a list of emails which is especially include the emails of investors.

How to do this?

Well, It’s very simple!

All you need to know the advanced excel and work smarter. By using this, you can make a list in the seconds. After that, you need to take help of some tools like sendgrid for sending emails and know the analytics of your email marketing. By doing this, you will definitely generate investors like a pro. There are other many techniques you can do in the email marketing.

Now, these are all about the stage of ICO running & Pre ICO. The next task you can do:

Guest Post Screenshot

I want to share some categorized blog post sites.

In fact, I also use these sites:

  • techpatio
  • cryptoncy
  • biggietips


  • bitnewsbot
  • coinide

Bounty Programs: Running of bounty programs may affect your ICO marketing campaign in a negative way.

But you can do this in the right way!

As you know that, bitcointalk is the best place to find bounty crackers for your ICO. You can use this platform to run bounty programs in the much easy way. It is also a growth hacking technique if you know to use this technique in the right way.  I recommend airdrop alert.

Content Marketing: I want to complete content marketing in short words because we are talking about the ICO marketing.

What is mean?

It means you can take help of some most popular platforms like medium and steemit and then build relationships with the people. After that post your articles on the platform for achieving your goals. You can also post case studies on these platforms.

Using of Telegram: Telegram is another great way to build community. I think that the every ICO project must have a telegram for building connections with investors and people in the much easy way.

Brand Marketing:  When it comes to brand marketing, you have uncountable options and opportunities to do this. There are so many ways to make your brand reputable and responsiveness.

The most important thing is

Engagement with the customers or users.

If you have the good engagement of your website with the visitors then it tells you indirectly that you orm is very good.

If you have no brand strategy, no brand reputation then firstly you need to work on services improvisation or product improvisation. There is no fixed thing in the market, you need to review your services time by time and the most important you need to find opportunities for reviews of the people. You need to request people who visit your website for review if they like your services.

Like this process, in theory, seems easy but in practical life experience, this process is very complicated and dynamic.

Paid News & Blog Submission: Premium or featured articles on the platform like HuffingtonPost, Medium, Forbes, VentureBeat, your story, steemit, NYTimes, the sun, thewp can help you attract investors and gain brand awareness in the market. You can post articles and news on these platforms because these are the most popular platforms in the word.

Paid Marketing: You have unlimited options and ways when it comes to the paid marketing. You can do Google ads advertising for running your ICO Campaign.

Social Media paid ads is also a great way to attract investors like a pro. There are the most popular platforms like:

  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter
  • Display Networks
  • Remarketing


Video Marketing: As you know that the video marketing is one of the best powerful marketing strategies.

Now everything becomes visual day by day. Most users love to watch the videos for learning something new instead of reading.


So, my personal suggestion is for video marketing because the trend is going up for video marketing and so on..

This technique is also workable in the year 2018: Events and conferences to communicate your ICO in person


Search Engine Optimization: If I talk about the SEO, there is no other technique that works long lasting. With the help of SEO, you have an idea of your website when you do on page analysis.

What are the things that are Very Good and,

What are the things that need to fix as soon as possible for better performance in the search engine.

After completing the on-page analysis. Now it comes to the off page, there are so many activities you can do in off page like:

  • Reviews Posting
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Profile Creation
  • Content Sharing
  • Image Sharing
  • Forums Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Google Plus Sharing
  • Questions & Answers
  • Blog Comments
  • Competitor Backlinks
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Infographics Submission
  • Press Release
  • Document Sharing
  • Guest Posting


But I recommend you do tasks like guest posting, Paid Press Release, Social Media, Reviews Posting, Infographics, Forums Marketing, Questions & Answers, and Quality Blog Designing.

These tasks are so powerful and effective comparing the other tasks. These tasks are fulfilled with the quality purpose.

Now comes to the new advanced techniques that are workable according to me:

Of course, I also use these techniques


Techniques & New Trends of ICO Marketing:

Visualization: As I told you above that the visualization trend is up. There are so many other techniques you can do with visualization.

Can you guess some techniques?

Well, you can do awesome creativity with the content. You need to make a collection of Gif’s according to the post, then posting a gif in the mid of the content definitely value a page and increase in the rankings. Or, you can also create some awesome infographic for better user experience on the post.

As history and case studies proved that the “Content with visuals gets 94% more views”.

Hence Proved!

Simplifying your Idea to the people:  Let’s make it simple. The idea that you can understand and the people also understand in the manner of seconds is a great idea.

Community management & Building Relationship –  This is another great way to attract visitors and investors like a pro.

You should use forums and communities not only for your promotion but also for building a strong relationship. Like you can build a relationship by giving profit or chance to other peoples.

Case Studies: Most people love to read the case study instead of the article. So, make case studies content for better interaction and engagement of the user with the website.

Events and Conferences – For brand awareness and continuous activities percentage of the company. Events and Conferences take place a very important role in the ICO Marketing.

Channels: You need to manage channels like Telegram, Bitcointalk, Reddit, and Medium, CrunchBase and other community forums. This is the key to the success of your project whether it is now or in the future.  

As I told you above,  there are some ban issues of ICO in the market of Facebook and Google. Facebook, Twitter, and Google do not allow the words like ICO, tokens, bitcoins and much more!

How to solve this?

Let’s make it simple!

There are other words I found on the internet that you can use in these platforms:

The words you can use:

  • Smart Contract
  • Presale / Pre-Sale
  • Blockchain Protocol / Blockchain
  • WhiteList
  • Modern Finance
  • CrowdSale
  • Digital Assets


The words you can’t use:

  • Initial Coin Offering
  • ICO
  • Tokens
  • Buy Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrency / Cryptocurrencies
  • Altcoins


So, these are the techniques that I personally use in ICO Marketing.

What did you think of today’s post?

Did I Miss Anything?

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Let me know which technique you’re going to try first by doing comment.

This is a guest post by Gaurav Chatwani, expert in the field of Digital Marketing & Bitcoin industry who loves to write content that is related to cryptocurrencies, ICO,  technology, development, designing.

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