Ripple (XRP) Experiences Another Episode of Mixed Feelings

Once again it is time for another round of mixed feelings for Ripple as it gets an exchange listed on Binance along with a class action suit separated only by hours.

The Ripple Labs has been dragged to court following a class action suit and this time by one of their investors who claims “Ripple is a security”.

Ripple’s investor, Ryan Coffey, who represents San Diego’s attorney James Taylor Copeland has been seeking all the unspecified damages from Ripple Labs after he declared that Ripple has sold unregistered securities. He described it as “never ending initial coin offering”.

As per this filling, Ryan Coffey has purchased 650 XRP coins back in January for approximately $1690 and then sold them a few weeks later right after the price of Ripple began to fall down to around $1,139.

The Ripple Labs is to appear in San Francisco Country Superior Court for the hearing of the case.

There has been a lawsuit which laid emphasis on Ripple Labs’ attempt to force some of the top digital exchange platforms to list Ripple.

Though this case between Ryan Coffey and Ripple Labs Inc. is yet to be sorted out but there has been a negative trend in the price of this ICO which is going down day by day.

Price & Performance of Ripple (XRP)

Until today, Ripple is on its way to finally hit the $1 mark but over the past 30days, it has gained a steady growth of 90%.

XRP trade was recorded at $0.927 on 4th May with high expectations to finally see XRP trade at $1.

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However, as per today, cryptocoin is down by roughly 1.27% with the price decline being seen at $0.894 per coin.

Important to note that Ripple is still the third largest cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap with a whopping $35.04 billion USD.

Getting Exchange Listed On Binance

Ripple’s (XRP) listing on Binance, this top performing digital exchange platform has certainly brought too much excitement to the entire community.

Though it has eluded the altcoin for long but until the announcement which was made on 4th May.

It can be now traded on Binance with XRP/USDT trading pair. This listing on Binance provides it with more than 300 trading pairs which is expected to give a boost to Ripple.

Though this hasn’t resulted in any price spikes but trading with XRP on Binance will surely attract a transaction fee of 0.1% of the total transaction amount.


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