Cryptocurrencies launched on NEO tend to do well – don’t miss out on these

Neo has become a cryptocurrency favorite last year after an incredible run from cents to hundreds of dollars in the span of 4-5 months. But not only price-wise is NEO one of the most exciting cryptocoins, it is also a force of innovation – pushing the limits of dApps that can be built using smart contracts. Here is a list of some of the most exciting projects that are in their nascent phases on NEO blockchain:



A “dynamic multi-dimensional identification technology based on block chain”. From what I can tell, it’s another decentralized identification verification platform, built on the NEO blockchain.


A turn-key ICO solution that was originally on Ethereum but now moved to NEO’s blockchain. ProjectICO introduces a new ‘type’ of ICO called SAFT, which may make it a possibility for US and Chinese citizens to participate in ICO’s (again). Don’t hold me to that, but it could be big.


A Decentralized mobile phone and data network on the NEO blockchain will let anyone in the world get their custom mobile phone and dataplan subscription that is connected to the blockchain.



A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) project on the NEO blockchain. ICO will take place soon.

Trade while you sleep with two of the cryptocurrency bots on the market - Cryptohopper or Tradesanta.


A NEO based ICO that is a project to create an open source network of medical information and resources that rewards it’s contributors.


A NEO based ICO project that has something to do with AI (website is in Chinese and won’t load fully for me, not much info is known yet).

While Neo is still in the shadows of Ethereum, and perhaps even EOS – it’s growing apace and becoming the playground for some of the most advanced ICOs in the world.

A lot of coins who have run their ICO off NEO and NEP-5 have been listed first and have skyrockted after. Kucoin has some major competitions going on right now for high volume traders. The fees are lower than other exchanges and a lot of it goes back to users who hold stock on their site.

People are waiting for NEO to explode. Everyone (in the crypto space) are ready and have been waiting for its explosion.

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