Zilliqa (ZIL) mainnet launch is imminent – important technology about to get tested

The Zilliqa developer team has announced new details for the launch of the Mainnet on January 31st.

“To think back to the launch, it was a very scientific and technical journey for us. We learned something new with every step, faced unpredictable challenges and adapted the protocol to the requirements,” the team is proud of its performance. The developers also thank the community, without whom the project would not have been possible.

Zilliqa’s goal is to develop a network that can handle an ecosystem full of dApps and products. The platform should create a real benefit for the end user and promote the adoption of the blockchain technology. This requires a robust and scalable foundation. Mainnet features include the following:

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  • Sharding: the Zilliqa Mainnet supports sharding for regular transactions and transactions triggered by smart contracts. Sharding describes splitting mining processes into fractions to prevent network congestion.
  • PBFT-style Blockchain: Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance. This mechanism is efficient and makes transactions final without requiring confirmation.
  • Secure Smart-Contracts: Scilla is the name of the new Smart-Contracts programming language, which is designed to eliminate known security vulnerabilities.
  • Dual- and environmentally friendly mining: dual mining of Ethash-based PoW blockchains such as Ethereum and Zilliqa
  • Minor deviation for block rewards: a new mechanism is to reward Miner based on her participation in the consensus protocol.
  • Future and timeline of Zilliqa
  • “With the launch of the Zilliqa Mainnet, we are taking a big step towards new and exciting possibilities for adapting the platform. The team will continue to maintain the high standard of innovation and work closely with the community and various industries to bring real-world applications to the platform,” the Zilliqa team promises.

Further details regarding the team’s plans and future developments will be presented at the Mainnet launch on January 31.

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