Windows May 2019 Update: Why You Should Wait with the Update

This time Microsoft used the surprise effect: Without much announcement the ISO files for the Windows 10 May 2019 update were suddenly loaded onto the servers, followed by Media Creation Tool and Update Assistant. For Windows fans, this means taking action quickly and installing the update if they are not already using it. Privately I wait with the change and you should also do that. That way you will surely get to the next Windows.

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 May 2019 update without much notice. If you install it, you will actually get a new Windows, even if you don’t see it immediately afterwards. The problems with the last big Windows updates should be warning enough for all users. Readers often don’t ask how to get to the next Windows 10 as quickly as possible, but how to avoid the update problems. There is a simple tip: Wait with the May update.

There are a few Windows laws that will probably last forever. These include for example “Reboot does good” or “Never install new versions immediately”. But wait a minute, in many places it’s always said how important updates are and that you should install them early. This is basically true for security updates, but in this case it depends on the small print. Microsoft provides security updates for Windows 10 versions for 18 months. After that the support ends. Only then should you watch as you upgrade to a more current version. So it’s fine if you’re still using version 1803 or 1809. These Windows versions are also secure.

Microsoft has announced in a separate article that it will start updating the versions up to 1803 in June 2019. Officially, support for version 1803 ends in November, so there are still a few months left. Wait a few days or weeks, enjoy your free time and take your time to see where the problems with the May update lie. By the way, there is now at least one central website that informs about current problems. Problems with brightness settings on monitors, audio dropouts and duplicate folders are currently being investigated.

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With the May update surprising forced updates should be history. In Windows Update there are now two switches, one fetches the security updates for the installed version and the other plays a new Windows version on demand. So if you’re just looking for security updates, the May update shouldn’t push your system. But there is one exception: If your Windows 10 is no longer supported, i.e. you have exceeded the 18 months of support mentioned above, the automatic update will become more offensive again. Basically you don’t have to explicitly block the May update for a supported Windows version.
If you want to be sure, you can use the known possibilities to block updates. A trick that works for Home and Pro can be found in the settings via “Network and Internet”. If you use WLAN to access the Internet, click on “WLAN” and then on the currently displayed connection. Set the switch for “Clocked connection” to “On”. Windows will only download security updates and the May update will be delayed. If this is too fiddly for you, tools such as Windows 10 Update Disabler can help. Note, however, that this tool disconnects all updates. You should only use it for a short time.

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