Watch the Latest Update in “ADAMANT Messenger” for iOS: Transferring LSK tokens of Lisk right in chats!

Watch the Latest Update in “ADAMANT Messenger” for iOS: Transferring LSK tokens of Lisk right in chats!

After a long no-news period, users and fans of this blockchain messaging knight started to worry about the next step the developers will introduce, since the boldest ideas are always on the way of ADAMANT.

Well, this time is no exception and it comes with a big surprise.

A few hours ago, Apple device owners began to test the new feature of ADAMANT Messenger: Storing and transferring Lisk token (LSK) in chats. The team has added this option in iOS app update 1.3.

Lisk integration

LSK transfers are the major innovation in this release. These are platform tokens for open source Lisk decentralized applications written in NodeJS / JavaScript. Lisk is one of the first to use the Delegate Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) protocol which after some improvements formed the basis of the ADAMANT Fair dPoS consensus. Now large IT companies including Microsoft are interested in Lisk.

It is just as convenient and safe to store and transfer LSK in ADAMANT as in the Lisk Hub native wallet. As in case of ADM and ETH transfersthat were added in the last release for iOS, only you own the private keys to the wallets.

Transferring tokens in the ADAMANT Messenger iOS app is simple and intuitive. You can either transfer it to the another person in a chat or withdraw it to an external wallet.

Currently Lisk transfers are integrated only into the iOS app. PWA and Android will support Lisk token later.

Thus, now the use of LSK become as simple, as never before. Some Reddit forum users already are saying, this is going to change the whole understanding of this token forever.

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Improvements and fixes

After that, developers have added some details that make the iOS app more convenient.

Avatars for contacts. Now each account has its own unique automatically generated avatar picture. This makes finding contacts visually easier.

Comments for ADM transfers: you can add notes in the relevant field that will be displayed below the transfer amount.

iPad support. Now Apple tablet owners can also use this app.

Other improvements affecting messages sending, QR codes generation and general app stability. These changes are internal but they make use the app more comfortable. Less errors, faster speed.

Download ADAMANT in App Store

Download ADAMANT Messenger for iOS in the App Store. You can also visit GitHub repository of ADAMANT: the source code is completely open and you can by your own or with the help of a trusted expert verify that the app is safe and secure.

As some insiders have already said, it is planned to implement Lisk transfers in the ADAMANT web and Android appsin the near future.

Judging by such development steps, ADAMANT obviously surpasses other “TOP” projects in the progress done last month.

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