Tron (TRX) to redefine gaming industry and has a first game live on its blockchain: Magic Academy

Tron is constantly improving. After revealing the integration of Tron (TRX) into BitTorrent and supporting Binance’s Blockchain Charity Function (BCF), today BitGuild is launching the first Tron-based “Blockchain” game while TRX is making a slight comeback.

Tron entering the video game industry

Tron is about to take the video game industry by storm with the BitGuild team, which announces the world’s first game based on the Tron network: Magic Academy.

BitGuild’s mission is to usher in a new era where players interact with their games. They can then buy, sell or exchange assets at any time.

In addition, developers have the freedom to create and sell their creations on existing game platforms.

Magic Academy

The first Blockchain game of the year was named Magic Academy.

“Magic Academy is the world’s first idle blockchain game based on Tron. By buying wizards and upgrade items, you can upgrade the currency in this magic world — your production of Jade. Any Jade you own is a TRC20 Token. By buying warriors, you can get your battle power, then upgrade your battle power by buying related upgrade items, attack the other players and steal their Jade.

When buying wizards and upgrade items, your production of Jade will be increased. Any Jade you own is a TRC20 Token and can be mined continuously. The more upgrade items you own, the higher your production speed will be. You can also see the ranking list by production speed from high to low.

Magic Academy also features very rare item prizes. They are unique because all of them are based on TRC721, and they will grant a huge increase in your production and battle power. They can be freely traded among the players and the prize will rise 25% each time.”

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All transactions will be processed quickly using a Tron wallet such as Treasure. “They can be tracked and are available on the Blockchain[Tron public],” says the official announcement of the Magic Academy developers.

Tron, on the path of constant progress

Marcus, the director of the Blockchain Tron platform said on Twitter that according to statistics, more than 90% of the nodes have been updated on version 3.1.

As a result, Tron has all the features and technological capabilities necessary to enable developers to create massive and complex games in the decentralized ecosystem, including processing speeds of up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) (without transaction fees).

Another important point – and not the least – about Magic Academy is that every cryptocurrency involved in the game will be able to maintain its value even when markets are not exactly at their best.

The TRX price

At the time of writing, the 13th largest virtual currency in the world was trading at $0.02136.

With a market capitalization of approximately $1.405 billion, the daily trading volume is approximately $113 million.

What do you think of the development efforts of the Blockchain Tron platform and the new Magic Academy game it has just launched? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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