The Biggest Blockchain Messaging Platform is Up for the Next “Significant” Network Update

Developers of ADAMANT Messenger are never behind the train of innovations in blockchain world. This time, officials of the team have announced a major update for the “ADAMANT Node” and in a few days, it became fully available for its messaging ecosystem users.

The update offers new notable features, including increased performance speed of the ADAMANT apps, that are hardly restructuring this working quarter. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum’s networks, this, younger example, has much more space for significant development and global updates in the future.

New API methods are opening a new level of interaction

Core development team added new endpoints (API methods) to the updated node, in which, by entering “API/node/status” command, users can get information on the node’s versions and rank with one-click.
“API/chatrooms” one is an endpoint that boosts the apps’ work performance, speeds up the chats’ loading and switch rate between them. The sign-in procedure runs much faster now.

Recently, these Irish enthusiasts have issued an article on the possible ways to boost the apps’ work performance. Consequently, their development team has integrated Web Sockets for the 0.5.0 node version, which is a huge step towards a faster chatting experience.
Moreover, “/api/transactions/” were changed very much. From now on, users can filter their transactions by the “Fee” criteria and choose several transaction types at once.

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In order to simplify the installment, the node was moved out of the configuration too. Incidentally, the latest version does not affect the consensus. That is to say, users will not have to install the update if they do not want to since there were no warnings from representatives.

Also, it is worth to remind about the team’s attention to third-party developers. Possibly, it will create a suitable environment which could in return become one of the most decentralized existing ecosystems.

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