Number of LApps keeps growing by day

Although Lightning Netwok is still in beta, number of wallets and apps built for it (named conveniently LApps) grows like mushrooms after rain.

Here are some of the most interesting ones listed in the LN apps and wallets directory.

LNCast is a podcatcher that allows creators to monetize their podcasts using micropayments on the Lightning Network: a second layer on top of Bitcoin that enables instant, trustless micropayments.
While being focused on podcasts, LNCast is a proof of concept for a broader idea: mircropayments in exchange for data.

Y’alls Read and write articles, with Lightning Network micropayments. It is basically content behind a paywall. You get to see an excerpt and introduction of the article but to read the full article, you need to pay a small amount of 0.01$ to content creator’s LN wallet.

CoinMall is a secure, non-restricted, pseudonymous crypto marketplace for digital goods with escrow service, instant payments and no chargebacks. They do not verify or collect any private information about any of their users. CoinMall Escrow ensures funds cannot be stolen prior to product delivery and helps guarantee your protection from instances of fraud.

Hammercoin: A role-playing game using Lightning for in-game payments. Every time you receive earnings from selling items or winning awards, your hammercoin wallet will be credited with bits (fractions of bitcoins). You can cash out those earnings any time using the transfer command inside the game. Once you transfer bitcoins outside the game you can spend them anywhere Bitcoin is accepted. All items in the game are traded by other players, which means all the game currency circulates within the community.

Trade while you sleep with two of the cryptocurrency bots on the market - Cryptohopper or Tradesanta.


Before the Lightning Network went live, Lightning Labs launched their Lightning Desktop Wallet so users could get a feel for the network while it was in testnet. Now that the LN is in full beta, Lightning Lab’s wallet has been joined by Zap, a user-friendly wallet by Jack Mallers that’s meant to make the Lightning Network more accessible to the general public. Hosted wallet great for quickly trying out Lightning payments on the Bitcoin testnet.

Eclair Wallet for Android is a next generation, Lightning-ready tBitcoin wallet for Android devices. Experience the future of mobile payments with this delicious app.

Keep in mind that, while these LApps can run on either Bitcoin’s mainnet or testnet, their developers usually recommend that you stick to testnet payments until the Lightning Network’s flaws are smoothed over. But with more than 1,000 nodes already supporting Lightning’s mainnet, it likely won’t be long until these, and other applications, can make the leap toward full functionality on Lightning Network’s growing architecture.

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