Raleigh, NC, USA Moon Banking, where users rank banks on crypto-friendliness, released the world’s first production API funded by the Lightning Network on Friday.


The Moon Banking API utilizes the LND implementation of the Lightning Network to accept payments for API quota. The API allows users to put data about the crypto-friendliness of banks around the world in their products and services.


“The Lightning Network is amazing, and I think it’s quite a special thing to be one of the first to use Lightning in commerce,” Moon Banking developer and Ealdorman, Inc. CEO John Wall said. “I plan to implement Lightning in all of our products and services.”


Ealdorman runs a Lightning Network node, which Moon Banking uses to create invoices and accept payments.


“LND’s Lightning was easier to implement than PayPal, Stripe and every other payments processor I’ve used,” Wall said. “In working with Lightning, I feel like I’ve witnessed the future.”


Watch Moon Banking’s Lightning payments in action:

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