TRON (TRX) lists more registered accounts than EOS and introduces BitTorrent Play

TRON founder Justin Sun uses the power of comparison in marketing to document TRON’s progress. Sun announced yesterday that TRON’s number of registered accounts has exceeded EOS’. In addition, the TRON community presented BitTorrent Play based on the TRON ecosystem in a post-torrent.

As we reported earlier, the average daily volume of TRON’s transactions has increased to approximately one third of Ethereum’s transactions, showing rapid growth. The number of registered accounts on the TRON blockchain is also increasing and has now shown after the figures from and that TRON EOS overtook with more than 301,000.

Since the launch of Mainnet and the release of the official TRON portal, the number of accounts has gradually increased. According to data from there are more than one million TRX owners, but not all of them have a registered account, but park their coins e.g. on exchanges. As always, there is a clear discrepancy between token owners and actual users.

The growth of both transactions and registered accounts shows that TRON is growing and thriving. A few days ago, BitTorrent Play was introduced, which is initially only available for iOS and not for Android devices. This platform was created to enable users to experience music and videos on their mobile phones. BitTorrent offers unknown artists in particular the opportunity to share their own content on the platform.

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As Sun described in an interview a few days ago, there will be a “custom token” within the BitTorrent network. This token is intended to give users an incentive to join the network. According to his latest statements, all users who share files or content on BitTorrent will receive the token based on the bandwidth they provide.

As the development is expected to take some time, this purpose seems to be future music for applications such as BitTorrent Play, but it could be one of the many goals of TRON’s purchase of BitTorrent. The time to come will show in which direction the expansion of TRON and BitTorrent will go.


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