Google Working on Two Blockchain Projects: Cloud Platform And Audit System

This week, Google announced two new projects. Both projects are mainly based on Blockchain technology. One is a cloud platform and the other is an audit system.

As regards the audit system, the company initially filed a patent application in September 2017. According to the filing published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Google plans to create a so-called “tamper-proof” repository based on Blockchain technology that will store signatures and verify whether the stored information has not been altered. This system will detect any unusual behavior, from where, it will be able to detect the nature of the change and when it occurred.

Technically, Google has proposed a system that will use 2 independent Blockchains. The first is called the Target Blockchain, it will be used to store the first signatures. The second Blockchain will be used to store data that has been verified by the first target Blockchain. It is also mentioned that these Blockchains can be stored in a single device or on several storage spaces.

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After banning ads related to crypto-currencies and ICOs, Google is now preparing two projects based on Blockchain technology. In this context, Ramaswamy the vice president responsible for advertising, spoke at a press conference in London, that this is only a research topic, and that they do not have much information to say on how Blockchain technology will fit into their current operational framework

According to Google announcements, both projects are underway, but, there are no precise dates for the release of both platforms.

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