Etherparty rebranding and rewarding the winning suggestion with 10,000 tokens

Etherparty is rebranding their token, changing name and logo with a public contest going on. Users can submit their suggestions, up to 5 submissions per user are allowed.

The winner will take a nice prize – 10,000 FUEL tokens which are currently trading at 0.07 USD. So the prize would be worth around $700 at current prices.

How to join

Join their Telegram group at and remain a member until the prize has been paid out. You are allowed to submit one post with up to 5 name suggestions.

The winner will also be announced on social media channels of Etherparty.

Etherparty is a smart contract creator that allow users to compile and deploy smart contracts with zero programming or smart contract syntax knowledge.

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Not only that, through the use of unique smart contracts, Etherparty is able to facilitate the adoption of crypto technology in a highly cost-effective manner for individuals as well as businesses.

Etherparty allows a user to write a smart contract or choose a contract template through a system of drop-down menus. Etherparty is based on distributed website architecture with  secure sign-on, contract selection, engagement of other users, acceptance of the contract for each user and deployment of the contract.

The current iteration of this platform also allows for the creation and funding of ERC20 or ERC223-compliant tokens. Not only that, there is also an option to utilize the system’s native smart contracts for sports betting between two or more users.

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