Buy crypto currency DASH at gas stations: Austria paves the way

The crypto currency Dash, currently the twelfth largest worldwide by market capitalization, can now be bought at petrol stations and kiosks.

The Austrian Bitcoin broker Coinfinity has been operating Bitcoin vending machines in Austria since 2014. In 2015 Coinfinity also launched a prepaid model called Bitcoinbon , through which credit cards for the crypto currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum can be purchased at around 4,000 petrol stations and kiosks. Starting next week, Coinfinity will add Dash to its portfolio.

The purchase process for Dash is just as easy as recharging a prepaid credit balance on your mobile phone: If you want to buy Dash, you can buy a credit card with a fixed euro sum at the gas station or kiosk. It contains a barcode. The credit card code is entered on the Coinfinity website. In return, Coinfinity exchanges the credit value at the current price in Dash and pays the acquired Dash Coins into the virtual wallet of the credit card holder.

“We are very pleased that Coinfinity has decided to offer Dash, a crypto currency that aims to function as an alternative to cash at the point of sale. Thanks to the credit card model it is now possible to buy Dash in Austria at the POS. We see this as an important step in the right direction”,

explains Jan Heinrich Meyer, spokesman and founder of Dash Embassy D-A-CH UG.

What works so easily in Austria is not yet a model for Germany. In Austria, as in many EU countries, private companies may set up ATMs without a banking licence. The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) has also approved the Bitcoinbon credit card model without a banking licence, thus enabling the sale and legal exchange of Fiat currencies into crypto currencies.


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As a cryptocurrency, Dash already fulfils all the functions that consumers and retailers are used to from conventional cash. In addition to low fees, the short transaction times at the point of sale (POS) of about one second are decisive. Fees of less than €0.01 per transaction make Dash equally attractive to buyers and merchants. If you are not yet familiar with crypto currencies, Dash Embassy D-A-CH, the first physical representation of Dash in Europe and based in Lübeck, offers training and information on the subject – online and offline.

About Dash

Dash is digital cash. The crypto currency was developed by Evan Duffield in 2014 with the aim of creating an inflation-proof non-governmental currency suitable for actual everyday use. In contrast to other crypto currencies, Dash has an organizational structure with a clear distribution of tasks, budget sovereignty and a targeted decision-making hierarchy despite its decentralized network. The currency system is based on blockchain technology. Dash rewards all service providers in the system (master nodes and miners) and also generates its own budget from the block rewards. The network is independent of external investors or donations. Dash’s market capitalization at the end of 2017 was approximately EUR 9 billion.

About Dash Embassy D-A-CH

The Dash Embassy is a legitimate representation of the crypto currency Dash in German-speaking countries. The company, headquartered in Lübeck, Germany, performs an educational and teaching assignment on behalf of the Dash network. The aim is to promote dialogue and education on the subject of crypto currencies in general and Dash in particular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to online tutorials and offline presentations, interested retailers will also find a contact person at Dash Embassy. More information and all current offers at


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