What Would People Sacrifice To Keep Their Smartphone?

With over 10 billion devices in use and almost 7 billion mobile broadband subscriptions currently active around the world, of which statistics show 2.71 billion as smartphone connections, it has become an everyday sight for us to see millions of people go about their business never lifting their eyes from the busy screens of their smartphones. We see them everywhere, you might even be one of them, at work in meetings glancing & frowning at a buzzing, vibrating smartphone on the table in front of them.

Unaware yet intensely concentrating pedestrians hurriedly walking down the street with their head down, texting, often rudely bumping into others without offering an apology. Oblivious drivers breaking the law, eyes locked to the screen while behind the steering wheel of a car speeding down the streets and highways sometimes narrowly avoiding accidents, often causing loss of life and limb due to their untimely social media interaction. All texting, browsing, socialising, banking, or otherwise engaged an innumerable number of alternative smartphone-bound activities.

In 2018 smartphones generated 52.2% of all web traffic. What would these users sacrifice in order to keep their smartphone alive, in their hand, or anywhere within arm’s reach?

To more accurately provide additional insight that may reveal some of the possible answers to this question, TeleNav compiled and released a report based on their analysis of statistical data gathered in a US national survey. Not surprisingly, it shows many Americans have become quite willing to relinquish and abnegate some of life’s most pleasurable experiences and moments in order to firmly retain a sweaty palmed grip on their smartphones.

Some of these include showering, sex, and alcohol. As with all forms of infographics, data gathering involves a hodgepodge of statistical facts drawn from across a number of reliable sources. Analysis consists of sorting through the muddle to divulge some interesting facts and factoids.

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According to the report, approximately 66% of smartphone owners confirmed sleeping with their device next to them, while nearly 33% admitted to checking their phone at the movies during a film. Estimates show the mobile gambling industry will grow from an annual revenue of $52 billion in 2017 to over $100 billion by 2023, making websites such as Silentbet.com an online gambler’s dream with it hundreds of reviews sharing many nuggets of essential advice.

Further admissions reveal 20% of smartphone users would consider giving up their computer for a week or more if forced to choose between their PC and their smartphone, while 21% said they would willingly forego wearing shoes if given the same choice.

One of the more worrying statistics reveal smartphone enthusiasm or addiction could potentially spell the end of the human race when one third of the survey respondents confirmed they would rather abstain from having sex for a week instead of giving up their smartphone. Along the same lines, 66% of respondents would rather teetotal, stopping all alcohol consumption for a week than consider turning in their cell phones.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

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