The fact that computer or mobile games enable in-app purchases with virtual money is nothing special. Individual games also offer players rewards in crypto currencies. Players of the new Japanese game “Itadaki Dungeon” can earn some Milli-Bitcoins with a bit of luck.

Itadaki Dungeon is a free 2D action game for Android and iOS. It was published at the end of last year and comes from the Tokyo startup atStage. The player is in a medieval dungeon. Equipped with a sword, hammer, or other weapon, he fights hungry monsters that attack him. On the way, players have the opportunity to collect items from players who have been killed or given up. The game has a total of 3’000 levels.

Bitcoins are on the way

On the way through the dungeon individual Bitcoin coins appear again and again. If the player manages to pick up a coin, he can add it to his collected items. The value of a coin is a fraction of a milli-bitcoin (a thousandth bitcoin). The players of this game won’t get rich, especially since it takes some levels until you get to grab one of the coins. Nevertheless, the game is well received. On Google Play it has a rating of 4.2 stars and most comments are positive.

Not the first game with crypto reward

Itadaki Dungeon is not the first game to offer crypto currencies as a reward. For example, Steam released the puzzle game “MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma” in mid-February. The first player to solve all 24 puzzles of the game receives a bitcoin. The game is intellectually very demanding. You can also earn virtual money with the browser game PokéBits. The Pokémon clone promises a reward from some Satoshis for completing quests.

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In the smartphone game “Bitcoin Bandit” the ten best players should win a few million Satoshis a week. However, the business model behind the free game does not seem to have worked. Because meanwhile the developers pay no more profits, as can be seen from the description on Google Play. The DigiByte Gaming platform, which offered the players of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends a reward in DigiBytes, also had no success. Apparently it was possible for the players to cheat.


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