2019-05-06 Daily Update: Coins Down 1.01% Overall, 27 Coins Make Surprising Moves

Yesterday’s Movers and Shakers

Since yesterday, the coin that fared the best out of the 131 coins in our index was Agrello, whose price is up 61.49%. Rounding out the top four currencies for the day were Everex, AppCoins, and OAX, which provided holders with returns of 29.73%, 18.78%, and 18.33% for the day. The moves in all these coins were a bit surprising, in that they were well outside of the trading range normally associated with each of the currencies in question.

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A Macro View of the Crypto Market

Since yesterday, the average change in the price of coins in our index was a move down -1.0108%. Drilling down, we see that 39 coins we’re tracking were up while 92 coins were down. Below we can see the average daily change for the coins we are tracking our index over time. Since yesterday, 11 have crossed their 20 day moving average; these coins may be of interest to traders who believe the 20 day moving average may be a key level that draws traders in.

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Currencies With Significant Price Moves

The coins that crossed their moving average are: VIBE, Binance Coin, Dent, Komodo, VeChain, Selfkey, Agrello, Ethereum Classic, Everex, Litecoin, AppCoins. Volatility traders may also wish to note that 10 of the 131 we are monitoring have had their volatility contract over the past two weeks. Contracting volatility often leads to a big move in price, so this may be something to monitor. Going further, below is a chart showing 4 currencies with contracting volatility that are trading below their 20 day moving average. Is this a technical sign the sellers are exhausted and the market for these coins is ready for a rally?

Crypto brokers to trade the currencies mentioned here: Gate,Yobit, Stex, Binance, DDEX, ETHfinex


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